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Millie has gotten quite popular around these parts so of course their would be bound to be people who have drawn her other the me. Many if not all of them are drawn by artists I follow and or admire. All these artists are sure to be worth your time so why not drop on by their pages if you are interested?

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I don't know if I should be saying sorry but I know I am being sounding a bit harsh. The problem is some people just don't get it. I am not a mean person I think but sometimes I need to be put my foot down.
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Since people keep asking, I felt the need to make this! Since I am asked these questions repeatedly. It has become quite a bother to answer them all. If I sound cynical then it because my previous experiences have left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I am pretty sure this covers it~! Have fun. Anything further questions will be added to this post.

-"Do you do requests?"
No, I don't do requests.

-"Why don't you do requests?"
To much effort for too little reward. When I started, I was open to requests. I thought it will help me for whatever reason. The people who I have done request for in the past weren't very appreciative of the work I had don't for them. I didn't get so much as a favorite or comment. All I wanted for them is too at least so some concern for the work I had to for them, for free no less. Not to mention, the rude comments I gotten from people about the matter. Overall I had rather horrible experience for with them hence why I don't do them anymore.

-"Why haven't you didn't respond to my comment?"
I try to respond to all comments but if you didn't have much to say I don't really have good to say in return. I almost always read my comments even if I don't respond.

-"May I draw your OC's?"
You don't need permission to draw my OC's. Don't do anything rash without my consent though. 

-"Why do you have two drawings by Ragawa?"
Yes, I have two pics drawn by Ragawa. The first one was made way back earlier in the year back when requests were thing for him. The second was won in contest a while back when he open requests once again under very specific qualifications. Long story short, I was one the ten that got picked because y'all voted for me. Was it fair of me to participate, can't say. Hence why I got to drawings done by Ragawa. 

-"Why do you have two accounts on dA?"
One of them was my original account when I was joined dA. I always had in interest in giant boobs but it was until like a year ago that I decided to share that stuff. I know why I made this account, so people who don't like this stuff won't have to suffer through it all. I know it not everyone's sthick. So for now anyways I satisfied with the arrangement.

-"Why don't you draw porn?"
No, I won't be doing outright porn here. The most hardcore I ever done was this and you probably see more like when I am the mood. Even then I was really hesitant. Many have noted that it probably one the lewdest things I ever posted. That and similar situations are all you're getting out of me. I am not opposed to porn, I am just not interested. Mostly because I don't want to known as that guy. 

-"Why do you draw plump/chubby gals?"
-Yes, I draw chubby girls. I met comments that say that aren't necessary into that. That's fine. I am not drawing for you though. There are many people on dA who will give just boobs and if that's all you want fine. I like huge boobs too. It is just a preference, really. You don't have to like what I do. There are bound to others out there who will give you exactly what you want.

-"Whose your avatar?"
Millie, my first cowgirl OC's. Originally she existed as a one-off character but people started to take interest in her so I keep drawing her. 

-"What about those cowgirl requests you open a while ago?"
I originally planned to have them all them in time for that upcoming Moosday. Problem was I got bombarded by so many request I couldn't do that. Over time, it just became too much and I put them hold now indefinitely. Sorry for all those who didn't get art from me. 

-"Wanna do an art trade?"
Originally, I had them open for anyone. Over time I realized that people have begun to take advantage of me. Many of the people who say the want to trade with me are only interested in their side of the bargain and often reluctant to do their part. Often resulting in me feeling used. Til this day, I am still waiting for a few of them. Often because I only do my part if they'll do there part. Nowadays, I only art trade with friends or am genuinely interested in working with. I know those words disappoint many of you but that's just how I feel.

-"How about commissions?"
I don't have a Paypal at the moment. I did open point commissions at one point way back when. They were dirt cheap too. No one knew who I was back then and I didn't really get that many commissions. The amount I should them for was 20 :points: which is equivalent to like $0.25 which isn't a lot at all. In hindsight, I was selling my self short. No, I don't I am on my high horse when I say my art is worth way more than 25 cents. I was considering opening them but I am often with met comments claiming they didn't have any money for commissions and so forth. People would rather mooch off me for free I guess.
Got so many artists I admire but I don't know how to talk to people. ^^; I know for some it really easy for them to click with people. I don't think that person is me. 


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Don't ask!
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'Sup I draw huge tits! No, I don't do requests! Stop by my tumblr for more boin boin!

Which character do want to see more of? (Clicks links to see more) 

9 deviants said Millie
6 deviants said Lanette
3 deviants said Kristie
3 deviants said Renee
1 deviant said Irene


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